What You Need for an Arctic Holiday

Not all holidays are sandy beaches and warm water. Some people like to replace the sand with snow and the water with ice. Many people, may think this sounds crazy but it isn’t. Some of the most beautiful places in the world are in a colder climate. The things and wildlife you can find in colder conditions are unlike any other. This definitely won’t be your usual vacation, and thats a good thing! One detail you will have to change though is how you pack.


You want to make sure you pack an adequate hat. Keeping your head and ears warm is very important not only for comfort. If you are taking an extreme arctic holiday (Antarctica, hike Mt. Elbrus) keeping your head warm can save your life. If you aren’t going that extreme, than a warm hat is good to keep you happy, no one likes being cold!

Goggles and Face Mask

These really only apply to those taking an extreme arctic holiday. You want to protect the sensitive parts of your body. The wind can be a debilitating factor if you aren’t properly equipped. The last thing you want is frost bite, especially on your face. Parts of the body like your nose and ears are often susceptible to frost bite so its important to protect them.



This may be the most important thing you can get for colder conditions. A good jacket can make or break your holiday. Its also something you need no matter where you go. Weather you’re hiking in Alaska or strolling around Switzerland, you’ll want a jacket that keeps you cozy. For picking the best jacket, see whats inside. Canadagoose down jackets can be one of the warmest things you’ll wear.

Gloves and Socks

Your fingers and toes are also body parts that are at risk of getting frostbite. When looking for gloves you not only want a pair that will keep warm but you also want to be able to use your fingers. Sometimes mobility takes away from thickness. Decide what your needs are and prepare accordingly. As far as socks go, go for comfort and warmth.


Again, staying warm is key. But a good pair of the warmest snowmobile boots will also be comfortable and have good grip and traction. This becomes more important if going snowmobile or hiking.

The key is to stay warm, no matter what way you slice it. But you have options and flexibility once you find out what your holiday will consist of. You’ll need different gear for an Antarctic expedition than you will for exploring Lapland.





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