What to do After Losing Some Weight

Losing weight is not easy but harder still is knowing what to do once you have lost some weight. Dieting should not be something that is temporary, you should instead be looking at completely changing your approach to food and exercise, which will result in not only losing the weight, but actually keeping it off. We hear about many stories of men and women who yo-yo in weight, losing some before adding more on, which is something that many who have already lost weight, will be very cautious of. If you have already put that hard work in and managed to lose the weight that you wanted, here is what you need to start doing, in order to make sure that you can lead the healthy and happy life that you are looking for.



The first thing that I did after losing a lot of weight was to go for some liposuction to get rid of the fat in those areas that are so hard to lose. For example I had lost a great about around my waist, but my thighs were still big, and they looked worse because of the weight I had lost elsewhere. The liposuction Cornwall offers is limited so I did have to travel in order to have it done, but I am so glad that I did.


If you have lost a large amount of weight then you may be left with some excess skin as a result, so you should go to your local GP and discuss what options there are for you to have the skin removed. For many who have lost weight, the saggy skin that is left almost takes center stage rather than the volume of weight that has been lost, so getting it removed makes sure that you can be immensely proud of what you see in the mirror.


The planning stage right now is almost as important as when you started you diet in the first place, because now the key will be to keep it off. It is incredibly easy for you to gain weight again after losing such a large amount, and in the short space of a month you could easily add some kilos back on to your body. Now, whilst the diet may have been extreme, in order to lose weight, the key for you now will be to simply live a healthy and active lifestyle, rather than being super strict with a diet. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of naughty food from time to time, as long as it is no more frequent than that.


Your weight loss success should be something that is celebrated and you need to use it as a reminder of what you have achieved, in order to prevent you from going back to being that person again. Try to get some before and after photographs and make them easily visible around the home.

Don’t undo the hard work, focus now and you can stay slim forever.




Morris Barris Written by: