What kind of toothbrush is for you?


Have you ever wondered if the high tech electric toothbrushes you see in your dentist’s office or in electronics stores is actually better than the trusty toothbrush you have used ever since being a child? Well this article will talk about the types of toothbrush you.

Types of toothbrushes

Generally there are three types of toothbrushes available and these are:

Manual toothbrushes – these are the regular, basic toothbrushes that you are accustomed to using. These usually have plastic handles and nylon bristles to clean the teeth, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and bristle hardness.

Battery Powered Toothbrush – these are powered by batteries and look much like an ordinary toothbrush, but vibrate to a certain degree to assist with cleaning.

Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush – this is powered by an internal battery that is charged through a plug socket, these tend to be much more technologically advanced than battery powered toothbrushes and offer things like oscillating bristles that move very quickly.


Electric toothbrushes are known to be much more effective at removing plaque and bacteria compared to a traditional toothbrush, this is due to the vibrating or oscillating action that they provide and this is usually at a high frequency in order to remove all the plaque possible. In order for a manual toothbrush to be effective it is thought that you must brush for at least two minutes, if you were to use an electric toothbrush for this same period of time it would provide a much more thorough clean.

Trying out an electric toothbrush

It is so easy to try out electric toothbrushes now, particularly with the very cheap battery powered toothbrushes. These will give you the opportunity to see how you respond to the feel of an electric toothbrush and you will be able to see if these make a difference for you. Once you have experienced one of these you can decide whether or not to keep with your battery powered toothbrush, go back to your manual toothbrush or potentially invest in a bigger and better electric toothbrush. Although there is much made of the difference in types of toothbrushes, you should always use something that is comfortable and effective for you.

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