Ways To Advertise Your Small Business

Advertising is a never ending job. To keep business flowing in, you have to keep advertising going out. In the digital age the advertising playing field has somewhat changed to that of twenty years ago. What has remained true is that a brand should set out to be unique. Whether is a company slogan, the colour of the logo or method of doing business it needs to set itself apart from the competitors.

With many avenues to consider with online marketing these days, it can be taxing choosing the right avenue of advertising. Still, some of the most trusted and tried ways remain the most powerful. Newspapers, radio and TV ads still make up for the large majority of advertising campaigns. Here is a look at some of the most common marketing methods that


The king when it comes to advertising. While one of the most expensive was to reach customers it has the added benefit of direct targeting audiences. Knowing what demographic will be watching TV shows at certain times is a benefit not seen in many other forms of advertising.


An oldie but a goodie. There is a reason it has worked for generations. It’s a good source if you are looking for people wanting to buy right away. Running an ad in a newspaper for a block of days isn’t overly pricey and you can scale up or down on cost depending how big you want your message to be.


Great for local audiences. This method will drive the most views to your message for the least amount of money. The downside is you can’t relay much information.

Branded Items

Branding useful everyday items such as stylus pens, polo shirts or power banks is a great way to market to existing and new clients. Handing out these freebies often will bring a person to check out your website or inquire into what services you provide.

Social Media

The power of social media is strong. If done write a viral advertising message can go further than any other form of marketing. There have been some great successes in the past. Social media is also a great way of conveying that you are personable. Status update and running contests on your page can create some great buzz around your product.

Direct mail or E-mail

This great to target an audience you likely already have some sort of relationship with. You can send relevant information to your readers through e-mail or coupon through the mail.




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