Top Ideas For Brightening Up Your Home For Spring


Now that Christmas is over and all the bills are relatively caught up, you might be thinking about ways you can start to do up your home for the spring and summer that are soon on their way. Now is a great time of year to begin fixing up the interior of your home – whether it needs a serious overhaul or you’re just looking to add a touch of new life to all the rooms through some clever decorating changes. Here are some easy ways you can do up your home while the weather is still a bit drab.


Believe it or not, flooring can be easily replaced or renewed without needing to hire a whole team of professionals to rip up the whole thing, taking weeks. Place and click flooring comes in a whole array of styles and finishes and can be anything from stone look to tile to hardwood look. Typically far cheaper than having new flooring done, place and click floors can easily be done by yourself and a friend or two, and often over a weekend, not over a series of weeks.

Touches Of Home

If you’re looking for a really clever way to bring some freshness to a space, consider the use of a wrought iron log basket next to your fireplace. It works in both lounges and bedrooms and can really make a place feel that little bit more special. Even if you don’t have a fireplace, you can use it for decoration to help a place feel a bit more homey, or consider putting in a wood burner to make your place extra cosy.


Everyone knows a lick of paint is an easy and relatively affordable way to brighten up a space, and what better way than through the creation of a feature wall or alcove. Using a colour that’s a couple of shades darker than your other four walls, your feature wall can be a prominent and interesting way to bring a room to life. Try to go two to three shades darker for a dramatic effect, or only one shade for something less intense. Great shades for feature walls include plum, cranberry, deep sages or dark aqua blues.


Textiles are probably the easiest and cheapest way to bring a place to life and by renewing bedspreads, towels, linens, bathroom sets and the like, you can really brighten a place up and freshen the look of every single room on a budget. Consider getting throw blankets to cover up an old settee that could do with replacing but you haven’t got the money for – and add a couple of great cushions too while you’re at it. Nothing says freshness like some new textiles, and right in time for spring!


Do you have a bit of an artistic flair? What about a member of the family? Consider getting some art done up by a friend or family member who has a bit of the art bug and hang unique pieces on your walls. Many people love a good abstract for the living area – something a bit minimalist that gets conversation going. If you don’t have an art friend or relative, consider getting some prints of your favourite pieces by artists such as Picasso, Monet or Rembrandt.

So there you have a couple of easy and fairly affordable ways to liven up your home right in time for the seasons ahead. With so many great ways to bring new life to the indoors, what will you choose?





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