Top 7 must see places in Greece

If you’re planning for a trip of a lifetime, whether you’ll be travelling with your best mates or your better half, then you’ve come to the right place.  Greece with all its historical sights, delicious food and wine and unscathed nature is one of those few places that will keep you wanting more, and more.  Here are 10 places you should visit whilst in the land of the gods.

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The Acropolis

Towering above the whole of Athens this magnificent feat of engineering, built by the ancients to honor the goddess Athena can’t be missed.  Although now mostly in ruins, one can still admire the elaborate craftsmanship and get a clearer insight into the grandeur of this marvelous civilization, whilst the view of the city from the top of the hill is a real plus.


The Meteora

Probably some of the most favorite spots amongst travellers the Monasteries built on the pinnacle of huge rocks are a true spectacular marvel.  The Byzantine monks could only access these places of worship by means of a rope ladder, a precaution taken to protect themselves from attackers.


Delphi Theatre 

Delphi is inundated with legends on top of legends and the Delphi theatre is an important landmark. Games, competitions, poetry readings, music performances and other forms of entertainment could be enjoyed by up to 5000 spectators in this very spot.


Little Venice

As the name so aptly suggests, this little town is built literally as if it is rising straight out of the water.  Situated on the lovely island of Mykonos, this is a true photographers’ delight and a great spot to watch the sun set over the Aegean whilst sipping a cocktail.  Whilst in Mykonos make sure to check out these Villas for a real luxurious treat.


The Dirou Caves

This vast network of caves is a really popular tourist destination.  The crystal-studded stalactites within these caves give out reflections in different shades, green, amber, blood red and purple to name but a few, a true natural phenomenon. What has made these caves famous though are not the colorful reflections but rather the Paleolithic and Neolithic remains such as pottery, bone tools, and even garbage that were found here, shedding light on Greece’s earliest inhabitants.  The museum close to the caves still houses most of these findings.


Rhodes Town

On the Aegean’s eastern edge lies the beautiful island of Rhodes.  Due to it being the knights’ Hospitallers residency for a few millennia, the buildings on the island are quite the contrast to anything else that you will encounter in any other part of Greece.  This holds true especially for Rhodes town, with its fortified walls and the magnificent palace of the Grandmaster.


Akrotiri Archeological Site

If you want to catch a glimpse of ancient Bronze-age life in Greece, then there is nothing more stupefying than Akrotiri on the splendid island of Santorini.  Most of this settlement is really well preserved due to a volcanic eruption that happened some 3500 years ago, and as such one can admire the beautiful frescoes and some great artifacts from the period.




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