Top 5 Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants are becoming the most popular choice for replacing missing teeth. Today’s modern technology and methods means that the popularity of dental implants is justified. Dr Phil Bennett, who provides dental implants Dorset, agrees that the 5 top advantages of dental implants are;



The way in which the implant is fused to the bone means that the connection is extremely solid. It doesn’t just provide a solid, strong replacement for a missing tooth, it can also offer support to existing treatments such as a denture or a bridge.



The majority of people that are missing a tooth are unaware that when a tooth is missing the bone underneath starts to disappear. Bone loss occurs because bone needs to be constantly stimulated in order to stay health – the bone gets the needed stimulation from teeth. The material that implants are made of means that they prevent bone loss.




Long Lasting

Over 97%, that is the amazing statistic for the success rate of implants. In nearly all cases, once the implant has been attached to the bone it will never need replacing. The part that may need replacing is the crown that is attached to the implant – this is not a problem because it is easy to attach and detach crowns to the implant.


Aesthetically Pleasing

Once the implant has successfully fused to the bone, which usually takes 8 weeks, a crown will be attached. The crowns are made of a special material that makes them look identical to a real tooth. It is very difficult to distinguish between the crown and another of your teeth, the only people who will know which tooth the crown is will be you and the cosmetic dentist that carried out the treatment.



It has to be said that implant do cost more than nearly all other tooth replacement methods. However, if you take in to account the long lasting nature of an implant you will see that it is a very economical choice. Most people view the expense as something that is necessary to improve their confidence and presentation.


The above 5 advantages make it difficult not to choose a dental implant when looking for a solution to a missing tooth. The fact that they are strong, healthy, long lasting, aesthetically pleasing an economical are the main reasons why they are becoming the number choice for those visiting a cosmetic dentist. With such a high success rate dental implants are going to be the leading choice for patients for many years to come. If you’re looking for a way to replace a missing tooth and get that perfect smile then ask your dentist about a dental implant now.




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