The Cost of Living in Egypt

Egypt, for all of its history, beauty and business opportunities, especially in Cairo is fast becoming an attractive destination for businesses who want to get a presence in North Africa and the Middle East. This is resulting in many having an opportunity to get a taste of what is on offer in Egypt.

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One of the primary concerns for the individuals who may be considering a move to Egypt is of course their finances and the stability of services that are on offer compared to those found in the US and UK. Thanks to the growing banking sector in the Middle East, international banks such as HSBC the standard of banking services on offer meet those that you would be used to using back at home.

Although it may be possible to use your current bank account you may find that whilst in Egypt it will be more convenient to use the services based in Egypt. You may find without this there may be difficulties in applying for financial services such as personal loans, credit cards and so on.

As well has having access to your salary, the ability to do transfers and make payments with ease either online, in a branch or on the phone another concern is of course the cost of living in Egypt compared with that of your home country and of course your salary. Using services such as Numbeo, you can compare the cost of living in two countries which can certainly be an eye opening opportunity to see just how far your new salary would go as well as getting an idea of the approximate moving costs you will experience before you are settled in Egypt.

When you compare the UK to Egypt you will see the cost of living in Egypt is significantly cheaper! Basics such as 1 litre of milk is £1 in the UK and approximately £0.68 in Egypt. Most food essentials follow suit being between 25 and 60 per cent cheaper in Egypt. Bigger cost differences can be found in utilities, you can expect £150 of utility usage in the UK to cost approximately £15 in Egypt.





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