Teething Troubles

Teething can be a nightmare for parents, especially when it seems like here is nothing that you can do to ease the pain of your child. It can also cause a lot of distress for parents, especially if the teething interrupts your sleep, but mainly because it is painful to see your child distressed and this can lead to other problems in the lives of you and your partner. In this article we will talk more about teething and what can be done to ensure to keep everyone happy.

What is teething?

Teething is a natural process for babies, it is where the teeth break through the gums for the first time. Sometimes there will be little to no pain and at other times there may be a lot for your child and it all varies and that is what makes it so difficult to predict how problematic it can be.

When will teething begin

Teething usually occurs at roughly the six month mark of a child’s life and the two lower front incisors are the normally the first to come through. These are often followed by the two upper incisors.

In the next 2 years of a child’s life the remaining baby teeth begin to appear, however the sequence in which this happens can be entirely random, but your child should have all twenty primary teeth by the time they are two or three years of age.

When your child is teething it is important to keep an eye on the general health of your baby and ensure that you visit a doctor if there are any abnormal issues like fevers.

How to ease the pain

Young children can become especially irritated when they are teething and this is due to the pain, you must remember that a young child has a very low tolerance to pain and will cry almost immediately when they experience any kind of pain or discomfort.

You can ease some of the discomfort by gently rubbing your child’s gums with a clean finger or some wet gauze.

Things like teething biscuits and pieces of toast are also known to be an effective way of combating the pain and irritation of teeth, however if these home style remedies do not work there are also a number of medications designed for teething that can be rubbed on the gums of your child. These are available from your local pharmacist.

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