Preventing tooth decay: foods and drinks to have in moderation

Life is full of many pleasures, and food and drink are two things that everyone should enjoy. It is, however, important to understand the impact that some foods can have on your teeth. This article will talk more about some of the great pleasures in the world of food and drink that you should enjoy in moderation.


Fruit juice

You may be shocked to read this, but fruit juice is the smiling bad guy of the dental world. While fruit juice has many benefits, it should definitely be consumed in moderation. The reason for this is fruit juice contains large amounts of sugar, think about how many apples you would be consuming all at once in a glass of apple juice. On top of this it is different to consuming regular fruit on its own because the sugar in the fruit is contained in the flesh itself and chewing it will not necessarily expose the teeth to the sugar itself, whereas the flesh has been broken down in juice and your teeth are being exposed to all the sugar. The juice can also come into contact with practically any part of the mouth and teeth because it is in liquid form, unlike when you eat fruit.

Fruit juice is also acidic, which can cause the surface of the teeth to wear down and therefore makes your teeth more prone to tooth decay.


When you think about it, wine is simply alcoholic fruit juice. When the process of fermenting the wine occurs the acidity of wine increases significantly and this makes it much more damaging to the enamel and surfaces of the teeth.

Alcohol can also have an impact on the teeth and it is important to drink wine in moderation.

Sticky foods

Sweets are a big problem for the teeth because they not only contain sugar, but they are also generally quite sticky. Sticky foods pose an issue for your teeth as they can become stuck to the various surfaces of your teeth and usually the places that are hardest to reach, this gives them an extended amount of time for plaque and bacteria to form in the mouth. If you do consume sticky foods like sweets it is a great idea to rinse your mouth with water afterwards to ensure that any sticky and sugary residues are removed from the teeth.

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