Preparing the Perfect Guest Bedroom


When you’ve got the luxury of an unused bedroom, the possibilities are endless; be creative and you could turn it into a gaming den, music studio, kid’s playroom or home office. Perhaps you’d rather just stick to a beautiful spare bedroom? Creating a space for visiting family and friends will be very rewarding.

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The biggest tip for preparing a perfect guest room is to think like your guest; put yourself in their shoes as you enter the room. If you were staying in a hotel or bed and breakfast, what would you want from the accommodation? Think about who your guests are likely to be. Will you be hosting elderly family or putting up friends with young children? Who you’re catering for will depend on which colour scheme you pick, how you layout the furniture and what sort of tech and lighting you’ll need in the room.

Start by choosing an appropriate bed. If you don’t have guest over very often, opt for a daybed turned sofa, which can be pulled out to make a double size bed but leaves the room more spacious when not in use. Your budget will dictate whether you opt for a new or second hand bedstead and whether you go budget or luxury mattress. Whichever you opt for, since there will be lots of different people using the bed over the years, it might be nice to have a mattress topper on to keep it protected underneath – particularly important if you’ll be playing host to little ones who may have the occasional accident!

The other furniture you pick will be dictated by the available space you have. Some guests do not like to sit on their bed, only getting in for sleep, so a comfortable chair from companies like Coaster Furniture might be beneficial. Whilst a place to hang up their clothes, if staying for a long time, is also useful. Necessities include – a mirror, a place to put their luggage and bed side tables with dim side lighting.

Ensuring privacy is also key in creating the best guest room possible. Install a simple bolt over lock so they can feel safe from being burst in on by over-excited children and make sure that sufficient blinds or curtains are in place.

Don’t forget those all-important finishing touches to your guest room. How can you make your guests feel treasured? Perhaps a box of delicious chocolates waiting on their night stand or a bouquet of fresh flowers on their dressing table? Simple touches like providing a hair dryer and glasses for water will also be appreciated.

Entertainment is also imperative. A TV will always go down well, but if you can’t afford that (or simply don’t have space) then supply a nice selection of books, magazines or newspapers as well as a simple radio.

A welcoming smell is another nice way to finish of your guest room. Have scented candles ready for your guests to use or install an automatic room spray which will keep the place smelling delightful.




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