Popular Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Having perfect teeth isn’t all about being able to flash a celebrity like smile, feeling happy about your teeth will dramatically increase confidence in both your personal and work life. Here we’re looking at the most popular cosmetic treatments that people are choosing to get at the dentist.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

In simple terms, it is a type of dentistry that will make your teeth look better, this is achieved by using a variety of treatments. It can be anything from special cleaning for whiter teeth, replacing missing teeth and repairing any tooth that is damaged.


Natural tooth colour will vary from person to person. Another thing that can impact colour is lifestyle, tea, coffee, wine and smoking can all change the colour of our teeth. People choose to get their teeth whitened for many reasons; some are unhappy with the colour, for a special occasion such as a wedding or even for a job interview. We advise having your teeth whitened by a dentist and not by using a home kit.


It doesn’t matter how much care we take with our teeth, from time to time they will get chipped. When a chipped tooth is clearly visible it can be annoying. Thankfully it’s super easy to fix. A veneer is much like a false nail, the difference being that they last for much longer and are not as noticeable.


When you have lost a tooth or damaged one, you will need more work than the last 2 treatments but there are some really good options. If you’re missing a whole tooth you may need an implant and then a crown. If there is still part of the tooth remaining, a crown can be fitted over it and will look just like the real thing.

Dental Implants

An implant is a complete replacement of the root and is usually made from titanium. it will bond with the bone and give a very strong foundation for a replacement tooth. Implants are strong enough to support single crowns or a bridge, and even a whole new set of teeth.

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