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Optimisation of photos and pictures is one thing that can really help to improve your SEO ranking as well as the overall aesthetic quality of your website. Today we are going to talk about some of the small things that you can do before you speak to your Cornwall SEO agency, in order to give you that extra boost that you need from your photos, read on to find out more.

The right dimensions

Having a photo that is the right size is no brainer, but you would be surprised how many websites are using poorly sized pictures and this is really hurting the usability and search engine ranking of these websites.

Not too big, not too small

We have already talked about the right types of dimensions above, but another important factor is the size of the file itself. This is a major issue because using excessively large images can dramatically slow down your page load speeds. Search engines are now taking page load speeds into account more than ever before, so it is important to have the optimal image size on your website.

Be attentive

You can’t just make a website and expect for it to function properly, so it is important to go through your website and look for things that are not functioning properly. Make it a habit to regularly go through your website to find issues with functionality and content.

Crop properly

It is important that if you are cropping images that you are cropping it for the right reasons. Think about the purpose of cropping, it is naturally to focus more on the subject and to take away any unnecessary distractions in the pictures.

Tag and name for relevance

A big no no is to upload all of your images with the names that came from your camera, this makes the pictures much harder to find on the internet and is one of the key reasons that your pictures may not be found. Do a few searches yourself on some search engines

Get a second opinion

Sometimes the best judge is not yourself and it is important to get an impartial person to have a look at your photos and see if they are doing the things that you are aiming to do. A close friend or family member is much more likely to be honest with you about how it looks and they may be able to suggest some improvements that you may be able to implement.




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