What It’s Like To Visit Antarctica


Recently I had the most amazing experience and I was able to take a cruise to Antarctica and this was a truly once in a lifetime opportunity. I wanted to share some of my experiences there and perhaps inspire you to take your own cruise to Antarctica, so read on to find out a bit more about my recent trip to one of the most unique holiday destinations.

An overview

My journey started out in Ushuaia in Argentina and I made my way across the Drake Passage and onto the South Shetland Islands. Then the real journey began when we visited the continent itself, which was truly an amazing experience.

What I loved

What I love about Antarctica is that you are wowed from the first moment and there is always something around the corner that beats what you just saw. I have never been to a place quite like this before. I really enjoyed going on a Zodiac boat and weaving in and out of the icebergs is a really interesting experience. You truly do not realise how big these things are until you are in the water next to them, and as they say too, it is only the tip of it. It was also amazing to see so much wildlife in some of the harshest conditions that I have ever experienced.

Visiting the penguins was definitely one of the highlights and these are fascinating creatures. They are so playful and curious, especially the newborns. I think I timed my trip perfectly because I came after the mating season in February and I was able to see many of the newborn chicks.

My tips

I thought the harsh conditions would only begin in Antarctica, but the Drake Passage can be rough itself. I think that you should definitely stock up on some tablets to deal with the sea sickness. Clothing was also a huge factor for me and I was well prepared, especially because I took so many layers along and I also investment in some really high quality jackets and trousers. These were not cheap, but are an investment that I can use for many years to come.

I decided to invest in a new camera before the trip and I was very happy with the results. I decided to splurge and thought that because I am going to the most photogenic place on the earth, I might as well have the best camera that I could possibly buy. I also (thankfully) stocked up on memory cards for my camera, as I took about 5 times more photos than first thought I would!

I would definitely bring a pair of binoculars as this gives you a good view of things that are quite far away. There were so many times when there were whales or seals in the distance and the binoculars were great for watching these.




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