What to learn on the other side of the world

Travelling is great for so many reasons. New experiences, meeting new people, trying different foods and learning about other cultures and lifestyles. So many people though go away on holiday though and wind up doing the same activities they would be doing at home. Going to a pool, drinking and reading a book while you get a suntan is fine, different strokes for different folks but my idea of a holiday is coming back with more than just bronze skin. There is so much more you can take away from a vacation


Take a cooking course

Hopefully you will be indulging in the local food as much as possible while on holiday. Trying all the different dishes and combos ingredients that region might use. A great way to take a piece of the experience of taste home with us is by enrolling in a cooking class. Often they are only a few hours and you’ll do some fun and interesting things like, shopping in a local market, working with some exotic ingredients and of course sampling your finished product. Try making the same thing when you get home and you can brag to your friends that you learned how to make it while travelling.  


Practice the Language

Why not learn a language while you’re overseas. Language class can be a fun and rewarding experience. If you have a group of people that would like to learn a bit of the language many cities have language tutors that will come to your holiday home and teach. Finding a tutor in Hong Kong or Madrid or Paris is easy.


Train in a Sport

An active holiday is becoming more and more popular. Go to Thailand and learn to Thai Box, take refreshing and relaxing trip to India to train in yoga or surf in Hawaii. Each day you will take part in training and exercise and then you will have free time to explore and enjoy the joys of travel. It’s a great way to train and get a cultural experience.


Engage in the Art Scene

Want to learn how to draw henna in India, sew a carpet in Turkey, or braid cornrows in the Dominican. Each destination has a skill and artform that has been passed down for many generations. Often locals are happy to share how they are able to do their craft so well. Taking a class to learn is an awesome way to spend the day and something you won’t soon forget.





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