Kick Those Bad Dental Habits

Everyone has some bad dental habits that they know they shouldn’t have, but there are others who don’t even know that what they are doing is affecting their teeth and gums. Today we are going to go through some of the habits that you thought about or maybe you never thought about, read on to find out more about what you need to stop doing.

The foundations of good dental care

Teeth = Tools?

Your teeth are not tools and should not be treated like them, although they may seem useful for opening plastic packaging and other tool-like functions this can actually cause a lot of damage to your teeth. This is especially the case if you use them on hard surfaces, some people even open beer bottles with their teeth. To prevent this from happening always have a pair of scissors or a bottle opening handy, or take the time to go and find one rather than resorting to your teeth.

Drinking too much juice

Juice is known by all to have several health benefits and it is a great drink to enjoy in moderation. The one thing that most people probably don’t realise is that juice from fruits is high in sugar and can be quite acidic, depending on the particular type of fruits used and this is especially the case with citrus fruits like grapefruits and oranges. Keep you juice consumption to a minimum to avoid damaging your teeth!

Chewing ice

No calories, no sugar, why don’t I eat some ice? Of course this is not a bad idea, but if you do do not chew the ice as it can damage your teeth. The best way to consume ice is to leave it alone in a cold drink.

Grinding your teeth

Many people grind their teeth and this is usually directly related to stress, but it is a habit that many people would love to kick. One of the best ways to combat grinding of the teeth is by chewing on some sugar free chewing gum instead, if this does not work for you another good way of managing it is with some sort of aversion therapy. This is where you do something to distract you from doing a certain things (in this case grinding your teeth), so you could go outside and walk for a little while or go and drink some water, whatever works for you.

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