Jonathon Meres is on the road with Scottish Friendly

Scottish Friendly are continuing with their superb book tour in 2014, the first port of call is in Yorkshire. The tour was launched in 2013 and has been a resounding success so far. With the addition of Jonathon Meres to the tour 2014 has got off to a fantastic start. It is great to see a bank giving so much back to so many communities around the UK. There really is no better thing to do than make kids more passionate and enthusiastic about learning, empowering the next generation is something that is essential for the future. By bringing famous authors around the country to read their books to school children is having a huge impact, the kids are responding fantastically and are loving every moment.


Jonathon Meres is best known for his series of books called ‘The World of Norm’, the books follow Norm through a succession of outrageous calamitous moments. The series has been a huge hit both here in the UK and overseas. Meres admits that none of the children recognise him when he visits the schools, but they are more than familiar with his books. The reaction from the kids has been superb and has made all of the effort worth it for Meres. He has commented how being on the road is not as glamorous as we may think, there are no five star hotels and gourmet lunches – his last lunch was eating a cheese roll from a paper bag whilst travelling in between schools. Meres told us how he wasn’t even able to finish eating his tiny lunch because they had to get everything set up in time for the next group of kids. Yes, it’s not glamorous but what shines through from Mere’s comments are that he truly believes in the value of this project, it is not all about promoting his book but rather promoting reading for the future generation.

A lot of praise should be given to Scottish Friendly, this brilliant initiative has influenced thousands of children already and there will be thousands more benefitting in the future also. It is great to see a big bank doing something so worthwhile for the local communities around the UK. Education is key, arguably the most important thing for a child’s future, to make kids what to learn is such a great way to give back. Keep up to date with all of the latest tour blogs on the Scottish Friendly website, check out if the tour mobile is heading your way.




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