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Have you ever found yourself thinking about how boring your life has become? Whether we are single or in a relationship. Whether we have a family or whether we’re just enjoying life on our own, things sometimes need livening up. This doesn’t always mean that you need to go and throw yourself off the highest bungee jump that you can find. As you can see from the below, sometimes you can live life more adventurously in ways of your own. Of course, adding some adrenaline and excitement has to be done sometimes if you’re feeling brave enough! You might just surprise yourself with the results. Read on for some creative ways to live life on the edge and live more adventurously in your ways.


For those who love a good adrenaline rush and like to challenge themselves there are lots of great ways to push yourself to live on the edge a little bit in various different ways. Don’t forget that if you are planning anything too dangerous might be a good resource!


Book an adventure break – Taking your travel to the next level is a good way to live on the edge. Think about somewhere you would love to go. Next, look at the most adventurous activities you can do. You could plan an itinerary yourself or have a company draw something up and plan it for you. This is an even better option if you want to be challenged by things you might not have picked yourself!

Take a hot air balloon flight – A hot air balloon flight is always going to be an exhilarating experience. Go alone or as a group. You could even take a loved one on a romantic date with a twist! Champagne in a hot air balloon high up in the sky. It doesn’t come more exciting than this!

Travel alone – So perhaps you have travelled before, but have you travelled alone? This is a great way to challenge yourself. Take a hiking break or simply travel and work your way around the world. Couchsurfing has become far more popular these days and is a realistic way of finding adventure on a minimal budget.

Swim with sharks – Swimming with sharks isn’t for everyone. If you are feeling seriously adventurous then what better way to live life on the edge than getting into the water alongside one of the world’s deadliest creatures?

Take a family road-trip – you can still live life on the edge even if you have a family. Get on the road and take your car or a campervan on a road-trip around Europe. This is a wonderful way to experience new sights and show the kids new parts of the world.

Learn a new sport – learning a new sport can be challenging or exciting. Think about the kind of activities you like to do and then approach your local gym or sports club. You are bound to find something near you. Take the family along if it is something suitable for everyone!






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