How to prepare for a tutorial

You are paying a tutor to teach either you or your child. You should therefore get the most out of this time as possible. The tutor will usually have travelled quite a distance to for the session, therefore it is always good to be prepared to start. The same goes if you have travelled to meet the private tutor Hong Kong, arrive prepared. Here are a few simple things to consider before a tutorial session:



– Have all the materials ready for your tutorial, this will usually include; pens/pencils, paper, previous work (homework), school work, text books.

– You should have prepared for the tutorial by reading a bit about what you are going to be focussing on. This will mean that your time time with the tutor is used more effectively.


– Once you’re sat down with your tutor it is always a good idea to discuss exactly what it is you need to achieve or the help that you need. Do you have coursework that you need to be completed? A test to prepare for? You should help the tutor to help you – from you information the tutor will be able to make realistic aims for your tutorial.

– You should always ask as many questions as possible. You are paying for the tutors time so ask as many intelligent questions as possible.

– If you don’t understand then you have to let the tutor know. Don’t be scared to say that you don’t follow what the tutor is teaching. The idea of one on one tutoring is so that you can go at your own pace, you don’t have to follow the class. Use this time wisely and let the tutor know if there are any issues you just can’t get your head around.


– A good tutor will usually go over all of the main points that have been covered during your lesson. This review will help you to remember what you need to do in the test or the amendments you need to make on your coursework. If you are with an english tutor Hong Kong then you can ask for a list of all the new vocabulary you learnt.


– If there is simply to much to take down then you could either a) write down a list or b) ask your tutor to email you a summary of the main points that you covered.




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