How to get a secured personal loan?

The word loan can be a source of joy or fear for many people. This is due to the red-tape that often accompanies the loan application process. You will never realize how few your true friends are until you have to come up with six references outside of your family.

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If you are nervous about getting a loan consider locating a secured loan option. Lenders are far more likely to lend money to a borrower who has collateral to offer. There are several main types of items that may be useful as collateral.

The most common types of collateral are homes, automobiles, boats, and high-end appliances or lawn care items. Jewelry can be used as well depending on what type of jewelry is involved. A diamond engagement ring will be worth a lot more as collateral compared to a silver and turquoise bracelet, for instance. This is often true even if the turquoise bracelet happens to be worth more money than the engagement ring. Money speaks, as they say, and gold talks in a louder voice when it comes to collateral.

However, collateral is not necessarily the only way to acquire a secured loan. Some smaller loan types will operate under a monetary match program. For example, if you open the loan account using $500 as a basis, the lender may match that with an additional $500. You would then borrow the money and make payments as usual. However, if you default they can keep the original security funds up to and including the remaining balance. Any left-over funds would normally need to be returned to you by law.

The loan match concept might not make sense initially, but it actually is very useful. It allows for a constant agreement that you can borrow that amount of money at any time and the company is assured of repayment. This will help your credit score, and allow a consistent line of credit as long as you repay the loan. This is also often the best way to begin a new line of credit for people who have no credit.

If you are seeking a secured loan, or line of credit, there are many lenders to consider. No matter what lender you choose, it is important that you remember the most important rule, “Money talks.” Collateral, a down payment, or a security deposit will speak volumes about your probably capacity to repay the line. Have the information or funds necessary ready before seeking your loan.





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