How to Find the Best Job Opportunities

If you are looking for work then you will need to be pro-active, sometimes we are lucky and a job falls into our lap, but most of the time we need to put some effort in and make our own fortune. There are a few different ways of taking positive action to ensure that you are making the most of whatever job opportunities are around. Here are 5 ways to find the best job opportunities.

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Have you ever heard anyone say ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’? Well to some degree they are right. Utilising your networks can sometimes be the road to getting a dream job that you may not have been able to get through the usual job hunting channels. Putting the word out among your contacts and networking is a great way of expanding your opportunities. Sometimes its all just a matter of asking for what you want and you’ll be surprised at how great things show up in your life!

Get Out There!

Let’s face it, you aren’t going to find the best jobs at your house so get out there and start seeing whats going on in the world. Attend events, conventions, meetings, anything that you are interested in doing for a job. This way you have a better chance of meeting new people and being there when opportunities come knocking.

Check Job Boards/Websites

Checking job sites is definitely a great way to see what’s on offer and get an idea about what you might want to do. Making it a part of your routine if you are looking for work will give you something to keep you busy and it will ensure that you don’t miss anything. If you are checking it every day and sending at least a couple of resumes off every day then you are bound to get a job in no time!

Contact Recruiting Agencies

Recruiting agencies are a place where a lot of employers will get their staff these days. They act as a liaison to get people into jobs. A lot of labour and construction industries hire all their workers through recruitment agencies. Often the agency can get you part time work if there isn’t any full time work going, which will get you on your feet and get some money coming in. Contact recruiting agencies and get yourself onto your books. is one that hires staff for the mining industry.

Look for clues

If you really want a job then keep your eyes peeled! Some employers advertise for staff on the windows of their workplace as they can’t be bothered advertising on a job board website and you might be just what they are looking for, its just about connecting the dots. If you keep your eyes open and look out for clues, or listen to conversations you might hear when a job availability might be coming up.




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