How to choose a good solicitor


When it comes to getting good legal advice there are thousands of solicitors to choose from. So the issue is – how do you find the right solicitor to handle your legal matters?

To help you make your choice we have drawn up a list of points for you to think about when choosing the best solicitor for you.


The Cost Involved

Cost is always an important issue for whatever we are spending money on, you should however not allow it to become the only factor that you consider. I think that we all know that the cheapest is not always the best and in most cases you get what you pay for. Just remember than when you’re hiring a solicitor if you are paying more that the bare minimum then you will be getting more.

You can always have a discussion with the solicitor about the fees that they will charge before coming to any agreement. Solicitors will always give you an estimate for how much their services will cost for the process, they may alter their estimate at a later date but if they not the fees will be inline with the initial estimate.

Experience and Record

Not all of the solicitors out there are specialised to handle particular cases – even with certain areas of law some might not be specialised in the case you are involved in. You need to get a very clear idea of how capable the solicitor is with your type of case and how familiar they are with handling such cases.

Always take your time to ask as many questions as possible, your decision is important so make sure that you have asked absolutely everything you can think of!


One of the most regular complaints that people have about their solicitors is that communication can be slow and arranging meetings can take time. You need to have a solicitor that can be contacted whenever you need him and responses are prompt. So it’s probably not a good idea to hire a solicitor who has a large client list and a small team of people helping him with the workload.






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