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There are many habits that people have that can have a detrimental effect on their teeth and these aren’t necessarily always considered to be bad habits, but it is good to know what these are to avoid unnecessary damage to your teeth, and this article will talk about some of the habits you should kick in order to help your teeth.

Grinding your teeth

Grinding your teeth can wear them down over time, and this is often caused by stress as well as sleeping habits. This can mean that grinding your teeth can be difficult to control and it may pay to avoid hard or tough food during the day to reduce the pain and damage caused by this habit. You can also invest in a special mouth guard that will prevent any damaged caused by grinding your teeth.

Chewing on ice

Chewing on ice is not a good idea and the hardness can cause you to chip or crack your teeth and will open up a whole range of dental issues that can develop from this, for example a chipped tooth can cause extra areas of the teeth where cavities can develop. Rather than chewing ice why not chew some gum instead?

Using your teeth as tools

Using your mouth or teeth as tools is not recommended and can seriously damage your teeth by causing chips and cracks. This can even occur from doing simple things like opening packaging with your teeth, or more risky things like opening a beer bottle with your teeth. Using your teeth as tools should always be avoided and you should always keep the appropriate tools at hand to avoid this bad habit.

Drinking too much fruit juice

Fruit juice is well known for its positive effects on your health because it contains various vitamins and antioxidants, the problem with it is that it contains a high amount of sugar, which can cause tooth decay. If you are going to consume juice why not have half a glass instead of a whole one, and ensure the juice that you are buying contains no added sugars.

These are just some of the habits you should avoid and if you have any questions about other things to avoid you should speak to your dentist or health care professional.

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