Get a Taste for Winter Sun.

I know it’s still supposed to be summer here in Blighty but as per, what that actually means is a bit up in the air! Glorious sunshine one minute is immediately followed by thunder storms and torrential rain the next.

After a few consecutive days of blazing sun early on it seemed like this year was offering us all a good chance to save some money and skip the holiday’s abroad.

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However, the tide has officially turned and fed up of the daily drizzle, I’m looking across the sea for a quick last minute getaway.

The ever reliable source of cheap flights, have stepped up and I have found return flights to Tenerife for 2 people for under £350 at the end of next month, which if you ask me is a pretty good deal. Tenerife is always a great choice for holidays this late in the season as its southern location means the sun shines all year round!

I’m probably going to rent a private villa or apartment while we’re there so before I go I’m cooking up some local Tenerife treats in a practice menu to get a feel for things.

What’s on the menu?


An iconic dish you will find on offer everywhere in the Canary Islands is ‘Papas Arrugadas’, which literally translates as ‘wrinkly potatoes’ – but don’t be put off, that’s nothing but a good thing! They are boiled in salt water giving them a delicate crunch to their skin. These are often served with some sort of mojo – or sauce, made of blended flavours often loaded with garlic and spice. I’m having these as a starter but they are great to just nibble on over drinks or as a side dish.

The fish course

Canarian food is famous for its use of fish. It makes sense; these islands are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean offering the freshest seafood you can get. Sardines are always a popular choice but for my Tenerife taster menu, I’m going for grilled mackerel with salad and a quick lime mojo with garlic and chillies.


Goat meat is a big part of the local diet and is one of the few meats that is reared locally. Perhaps the most classic of all dishes in the Tenerife diet is Goat stew. I’m going to be slow cooking mine with beans and tomatoes for four hours.


Honey is a traditional product of Tenerife and if you go you must try the Teide White Broom honey. To honour this, I’m making a delicious homemade ice cream with honey swirls and a chocolate honeycomb crumble.

I’d love to hear your ideas for holiday taster menus.




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