Five Facts That Will Make You Love Bahrain

Bahrain is often referred to as the gem of the Arabian Gulf. It is a unique holiday destination possessing some very rare qualities. Little is known about this mesmerizing country, so here is a chance to learn and discover some wonderful facts about Bahrain that makes it so special, especially if you intend to visit this mesmerizing land in future.


The first thing you should know is that the best way to reach Bahrain is through Gulf Air; this airline is definitely my pick, each and every time I head to Bahrain for a relaxing break. There is also a plethora of fantastic hotels for you to choose from, whatever your budget may be.


Here are some of the special qualities that you can look forward to, when you reach the pearl of the Arabian Gulf.


  1. The literal translation for Bahrain is ‘two seas.’ The reason for the country being given this name is because there are certain areas where salt water meets fresh water. The result of these two coming together is magical because you will be able to see fresh water bubbling up in the middle of salt-water patches.
  2. It is interesting to note that Bahrain is not just one island but a collection of 33 very small islands. The islands are linked together with bridges; this means that each individual region in Bahrain is a separate island.
  3. Bahrain is, without question, the most liberal country within the GCC region. You will find that there are very relaxed laws with regards to alcohol and clothing.
  4. If you needed any evidence of just how popular Bahrain is, then you only need to understand that the number of expats residing in the region is higher than its national citizens. This also has the knock effect of there being a very varied choice of cuisine on offer.
  5. Bahrain is famous for ‘The Tree of Life’ , a 400-year-old tree that can be found growing in the desert. Scientific research has discovered the fact that it is a source of sustenance. The tree is now one of the main tourist attractions that can be found in the country.


We are sure that after you visit Bahrain you will have many more things to tell that made you fall in love with the place. If you’re still not sure about where to go on your next holiday, then Bahrain is certainly top of the list.






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