Financing Your Residential Property Development in the UK or Overseas

Financing any project is always difficult. For the serial developers one can develop property abroad or locally by proceeds recovered from previous sales.If you are new to the business, however, you may try several options, while being careful to avoid pitfalls.


Since starting such a project is not just a whimsical move, it is normally a well organized and carefully laid plan. Likelihood is you probably have been saving purposely towards its fulfillment, it is time to put those savings into this project. It is cheaper to use savings in such a project because in the long term you owe no one. What’s more, your savings will come in handy if you ever need leverage for a loan.


It is always advisable and possible to get investors to invest in your business.More often than not, there is always a catch. However, it is better to involve someone to help with the project than be unable to accomplish your dreams.

There are many places to find property development finance. Search public data bases or your local chambers of commerce which may contain names of people or companies interested in investing in the property industry. It also contains names of contractors and developers whom you may later contact when you need their services.


Getting capital is always a daunting task.Whether you are borrowing money or someone is investing in your project you may need to show written proof that the project is worth the credit. Loans are secured by cash flow and assets, so no matter how colorful the project may appear, it will be evaluated based on its credit risk. Due to these factors a careful plan showing accurate projections and reports like feasibility studies for marketing and finance, business plans and operational plans will be helpful when you gather your investors and clearly present your proposals.


The steady increase in market values have led to an opening in another financing option;remortgaging. This applies to home owners who have built up substantial equity through the inflation of property over the past years can actually take advantage of this. A larger mortgage makes it possible to release the equity to finance a second property. Remortgaging helps you raise finances for your residential property at low, residential mortgage rates. It’s down side however the flimsy market prices.If they slide again it becomes a risky option because the bank’s main concern will be whether you will be able to service your mortgage.


If you are not willing to move mortgages to finance your property locally or abroad you may consider a further advance from the lender. This option however, is expensive in that it is offered on the lenders variable standard mortgage rates; it is the most expensive way to borrow. The lender is likely to ask questions about how the money will be spent.Mostly though, when they learn that the money is for buying a second property, your request is generally accepted.


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