Fallas Festival in Valencia

If you’re thinking of visiting Spain in the near future, a stop that you may not have heard of but needs to be added to your list is the stunning city of Valencia. Located 350 km south of Barcelona and roughly the same distance east of Madrid is the coast city of Valencia.


This mediterranean port is Spain’s third largest city and is home to some of the country’s most stunning architecture like the “City of Arts and Science” building. The modern exhibit holds a planetarium, oceanarium and an IMAX theatre. It also holds pristine seaside beaches, city green space and many kilometres of walking trails.

There is so much to see and do within the city limits of Valencia that you will want to plan ahead.  Checking a Valencia Guide is the best way to determine before hand what festivals, events and attractions to see. You may also use it to find the best type of transportation in and out of the city and book accommodation in advance.

One of the largest draws to the city in the month of March is the Fallas Festival. Fallas are giant paper mache structures that are created out of a tongue and cheek idea. The Fallas, sometimes a few stories high are judged and then burned as an ode to an old tradition. The fallas usually take an entire year to plan and build. The festival draws many visitors both nationally and internationally. Another interesting and wild event that takes place during this festival is the fireworks. Each day fireworks begin to be let off at 8am signifying the start of each day of the festival. At 2pm each day during Fallas, 120 kilos of gunpowder is ignited to create a ear popping bang. From midnight to 1am each night during the festival there is also a fireworks display. On the final night of the festival there is a large display called La nit de fox or night of the fire. This is a huge display of fireworks and it best to arrive early with ample time to get a viewing space. The entire places feels like a warzone but is safe and friendly and needs to be seen to be believed. It’s of course wise to be cautious of sparks and flames while attending.
If you can’t be there during the Fallas festival there is a museum dedicated to the tradition that is open year round. Valencia is a great place to visit at anytime of year and I highly recommend it to any holiday maker this year!




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