Essential travel tips for Marrakech

Marrakech is without doubt one of the best places I have ever visited, there is so much to see and do there. The other great things is the vast number of Luxury hotels Marrakech has for you to choose from, the luxury in Marrakech is really something to behold. So if you want to wander streets all day basking in the fabulous sites and market you can rest assured that you will have first class hotel room waiting for you to rest in.

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Before you jet off to Marrakech there are some useful things that you should know. Here is my list of the most important things to remember to make sure that you have the best time possible.

Things you should do:

– Always bring a pack of tissues with you because you will soon learn that there are no tissues in the toilets, you don’t want to get caught short.

– Bring a small little bottle of that antibacterial hand gel you always see people carrying around. There might always not be a steady flow of water from the public taps, so this will act as a great replacement to wash your hands.

– When ever you get into a taxi make sure that you have agreed on the price before you set off on your journey. It is sometimes difficult to get the driver to switch on the meter but if he does you should always give a little tip to the driver.

– If you are going to indulge yourself and get a henna tattoo then get them to write down the price before you have it done. There’s an age old trick where by they do the fake tattoo and then tell you that you must have misunderstood the price.

Things you shouldn’t do:

– Don’t buy your water from the hotel. If you head down to the main square you ail find a number of markets that offer mineral water at a much cheaper price.

– Never leave the map in your hotel room. You should always carry the map with you because trust me it will become your best friend when you are out and about.

– Don’t worry about where you can access your money. There are plenty of ATMs scattered all around the city so you will never have a problem withdrawing money. Even if you can’t find one in the immediate area you find yourself, just hop in a taxi and ask for an ATM – don’t forget to agree the price first.

– Never forget to bring a good pair or comfortable shoes or even trainers. The streets are not very forgiving so you need to have a good pair of shoes that will keep your feet as comfortable as possible. If the rain comes then you will find that it gets quite muddy in some areas so don’t always where you best pair when exploring the city.




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