Don’t Put Your Career In Jeopardy: The Most Common Causes For Being Out Of Work

In case you hadn’t noticed, the UK economy is going through something of a slump. Recent figures suggest the number of unemployed is reaching new heights of nearly 3 million and this means individuals are eager to keep hold of their careers – whatever the cost.

Accident at work

Yet, some careers are cut short not because the economy is in a slump or even because people have not done the job sufficiently but because of illness or injury at work.  Statistics from the Health and Safety Executive show that 1.1 million working people suffered from work related illness or injury in 2011/12. That’s a huge section of the labour force that missed work because of health reasons.

Of course, much of this is due to short term illness and health problems that are easily treated. However, when you learn that 173 workers were killed at work during the same period you realise how much of a problem this can be.

Fortunately, this is a relatively small number compared to some countries in the world but even those escaping the worst can still suffer very dire consequences. If you are severely injured at work, to the extent that you can’t work, then it can be a very serious event. No work means no income and that can swiftly descend into financial troubles, depression and worse.


How to protect yourself

In order to protect yourself against this you need to know your rights in the workplace. Your employee is obliged by law to provide safety equipment and ensure you are adequately trained for your role but this applies to all positions and not just those which are based in risky environments, like construction.

You also need to know what your rights are should an accident happen. Your employer should be insured against your injury but if they or someone else is to blame then there are other ways to seek compensation.


Thanks to reputable firms like Injury Lawyers 4 U, thousands of people have received compensation for accidents that happened at work but weren’t their fault. This has provided a valuable safety net for people who have found themselves unemployed through injury, ensuring that their careers are not put in jeopardy because of an illness or injury.

If you think you’re entitled to compensation for an accident or injury sustained at work then contact injury solicitors today. They’ll be able to advise you on where you stand legally and could help you submit a successful claim.


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