Don’t Let Your Missed Connections Get Away!

Remember that fetching stranger you caught stealing a glance at the local club? What about that time you had a wonderful chat with someone on the bus, but they got off before you could get a phone number? Or, maybe you felt a connection with someone at the gym, but were too shy to ask him or her out for coffee?

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We’ve all had experiences like these, also known as “missed connections.” Sometimes, they stick around in your memory for months, or even years, leaving you wondering, “What if?”


There’s a chance that you would have found out that you had nothing at all in common with that person. You might have gone out on one date, and decided it wasn’t an experience you’d want to repeat.


However, there’s also the possibility that you could have become great friends with that mystery person, or even more. Who knows? That cyclist you accidentally cut off in traffic (yikes!) could have ended up becoming the love of your life, if only you hadn’t been too embarrassed to pull over and apologize.


You’ll never know, unless the hands of fate see fit to intertwine your paths yet again. Of course, you could give the fates a little encouragement. Missed connections are a common phenomenon, and these days, there are plenty of things you can do to transform your missed connections into strong, real relationships.


If you do have a bit of information about your missed connection, then your best chance at finding them again would be to use a people search engine like to track them down. After all, this is the real world, where serendipity sometimes needs a little push!


Let’s say you have a phone number from that beautiful stranger you met at the park, but you forgot to write down a name. What were you thinking? You could try to schedule a date, but who wants to go out with someone who doesn’t remember their name?


The easiest and quickest solution is to do a reverse phone lookup on Problem solved. Now you can give them a call without having to resort to terms of endearment (“babe” or “handsome”) until you uncover the necessary clues.


As a last resort, when you don’t have any information on the other person involved, you could always post a listing on Craigslist,, or other popular sites designed to help you out when you’re hoping that mystery person felt the same spark you did.


Posting these ads is easy. You just describe the situation in which the missed connection occurred, and add any details that you think might help that person remember you. If you want to weed out the spammers, scammers, and other undesirables, then you can add a secret question that only your missed connection is likely to be able to answer correctly.


For example, you could say, “Put the name of the band we both love in the title of your reply, so I know it’s really you.” Or, “In your response, put the name of the subway stop where you got off.” That way, you’ll know if your responses are actually from your missed connection. These posts are a bit of a long shot, so your best bet would be to collect the little information you do have and rely on a people search engine to give you the information you need. Don’t let your missed connections get away – try to search for them online today. Maybe that stranger you met at the coffee shop really is the one for you – what’s the harm in trying? Good luck!







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