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Edentulism, the scientific term for the loss of all permanent teeth, can substantially reduce quality of life and self-image for a lot of people. Lack of access to preventative care to keep your mouth clean and healthy is often the cause of tooth loss. There are many people who have a need for dentures, and surprisingly creating them is a difficult process.images


The manufacturing of dentures takes a team of dental staff, for every set, because not all dentures are exactly the same. How could they be? Everyone has a different jaw structure and differently sized teeth, so creating the right set of dentures for you will take time and effort. This process is now described as a blend of science and art, and the results are a perfect and attractive smile.


When you visit your dentist asking about dentures, he will inspect and take a very accurate mould of the inside of your mouth, including any teeth you have left and your toughened gums. This mould is then taken over to the laboratory where a dentist and a lab technician will create the base for your dentures, picking the correct size and shape of the prosthetic teeth that will make up your new, radiant smile. If you do happen to have teeth that cannot be saved, and you’re having them removed as a part of this treatment, you will be fitted with a temporary denture as a trial. You will wear this, tweaking the fit until everyone, mainly you, is satisfied. This can take time, but will result in a higher quality permanent set when the design is just right.


Once the permanent set of dentures is ready and fitted, it is very important for you that the alignment is correct. The term used to describe this is ‘to balance the bite,’ and this means that the dentists must make sure the upper and lower dentures come to fit flush against each other, stabilising your jaw. If the alignment is not correct it will make eating, speaking and even closing your mouth very difficult, painful tasks.


Full denture prosthetics can be challenging for both dentist and patient, a great deal of art and experience goes into their manufacture and wearing them comfortably will take time. When you get used to them, however, you will be wearing a perfectly radiant smile.


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