Best Secret Sites in London

So you’ve got a trip planned to London, but you want to do more than just the typical tourist stuff. Of course you have to see Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, take a photo with a guard and ride on the famous tube. But there is so much more to London than these famous and super touristy sights! London is one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan cities in the world. You can literally do almost anything you can imagine here! So take our list as a guide and get off the beaten track with these secret spots in London:


Eltham Palace

Obviously, you’ll go visit Buckingham palace while in London. But did you know there’s another palace there that not many people know about? Eltham Palace is in a neighborhood a bit off the beaten track, so there won’t be hoards of tourists waiting to scramble in. In fact, most of the public didn’t even know this place existed until it was opened up for visitors 13 years ago. It’s been in existence for more than 700 years though, and has been used both as a royal palace and a training center for the army. Today, it’s visited by the public and also hosts art deco fairs.

Parkland Walk

This four-and-a-half long reserve is a nature lovers paradise. You can find it if you go to FInsbury Park; the entrance to Parkland is hidden away in one of the corners. The walk is interspersed with more hectic parts where runners take over the path, but you’ll be bound to have segments to walk in peace! Especially enjoy the peaceful stretch between Highgate and Crouch End.


For anyone interested in film, fashion or history (or a combination), a tour of Angels is a must-not-miss. It’s London’s leading theatrical costumier, and they will lead fascinated tour-goers through over six million costumes that have been used in films throughout the years! You’ll see everything from corsets to flapper dresses, samurai outfits and everything in between.

Museum of Brands, Packing and Advertising

If you like random museums, check out this one for a full history of consumer life: everything from biscuit tins and souvenirs from royal weddings to washing powder boxes and all sorts of consumer goods and packages. Check out 120 years of culture, design, fashion and of course, consumerism in this random, colorful and slightly cluttered museum.

Centrepoint Sushi

Sometimes, the best food you’ll find when traveling is totally off the beaten path. This sushi joint, right above a Japanese-Korean grocery store, is a haven for anyone who loves great sushi. The food is beautifully presented and fresh, made to order. Get a booth so you can see the city lights down below, and don’t miss the softshell crab maki.





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