The benefits of dental implants


Dental implants are the most effective and long last solution to missing teeth that is currently available in dentistry and this is for good reason, read on to find out why these truly are the most effective replacement for missing teeth that is available.

Natural feeling

Because dental implants are fixed to the underlying bone of your jaw this means that they are completely natural feeling and have the strength and integrity of a natural tooth. This makes them much better for everyday tasks like eating, which feels completely normal compared to other alternatives like false teeth which do not provide a secure and natural feeling whilst you are trying to eat. There is also some pain and discomfort associated with chewing when it comes to dentures and crowns, as these do not have the same sort of strong foundation as dental implants.


Dental implants are known to be extremely durable and can last a lifetime if looked after correctly and they should be treated as if they are your own natural teeth.

Aesthetically pleasing

Dental implants have the look and feel of real teeth, and you can also get the colour of the implants matched to your existing teeth and this will make the implants look as normal is possible. You will be much less conscious of the look of the teeth and this will help to improve your confidence and self-esteem.

Improved speech

Because dental implants are so permanent you do not need to worry about keeping them secure whilst trying to speak, this will mean that you will not mumble or slur your words when you speak. This will also give you a really great boost when it comes to your self-confidence, as you will not have to be conscious of how the implants are affecting your speech.

Overall effect on self-esteem

As mentioned a few times before dental implants can really improve your confidence. It is proven that more confident people are likely to be much more successful, this will mean that your lack of teeth or inferior replacement teeth are not holding your back from doing what you want to do.

Many that have undergone dental implant procedures agree that there is very little discomfort in the procedure. Local anaesthetic is used during the procedure and over the counter pain killers are used afterwards to manage any pain or discomfort.

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