The Benefits of Choosing Tamar Gellar’s Training Vacation


Do you believe your dog would benefit from a training vacation? Most dogs would. Allowing your dog to be immersed in a positive training environment can give results much faster than if you try and do a small bit of training each day. While eventually, you will still have the well-trained dog that you want, it could take days, weeks, or even months for your dog to pick up on the new concepts continually. Instead, a training vacation can give you a much quicker response and provide you the companion you always knew your dog could be.

What Happens During a Training Vacation

When you want to provide your dog with private dog training in Los Angeles, few places would be better than the Santa Monica Mountains. That is where your dog would be spending its time directly with Tamar Gellar, owner of The Loved Dog, and professional dog trainer for the stars. Your dog gets love and attention during their stay, and you get problematic behaviors addressed to where they are not a constant worry or concern any longer. When the training vacation comes to an end, your dog is going to be happy to see you, and the behaviors you were concerned with will be resolved.

For pet owners in or around the Los Angeles area, Tamar Gellar’s The Loved Dog provides answers that few are able to get. When your pet begins to act out or struggle with listening, turn to the experience that comes with being a best-selling, dog training, book author and trainer for the dogs of the stars. Trust in Tamar to help you get the positive, mindful dog that you want, through positive reinforcement, love, and game training. You and your dog will be happier for it.





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