Baby Makes Three

You’ve met the man or woman of your dreams, and now you think you’re ready to take that next step. After a conversation with your significant other, you have both decided that it might be time to expand your little family. After all, one of the greatest joys in life is raising a child. But have you thought everything through and really looked at the pros and cons of having a child?

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Physical Responsibility

Many young adults who don’t have children of their own are not aware of just how much physical work it can take to raise a child from infancy. Even if you are sharing the responsibilities of raising a child evenly, the 2 a.m. feedings and constant need for diaper changes can be difficult and physically demanding. Once the young one begins walking, running, clambering onto every surface and wandering into dangerous places, child-rearing seems to become a never-ending stream of chasing down the little creature.


Emotional Responsibility

Your responsibility doesn’t end with making sure your mischievous child doesn’t lick an electrical outlet or get into the cabinet where you store the cleaning chemicals. In truth, your emotional responsibility begins before your baby is even born.

Make sure your decision to have a child is made because you want to have a child, to raise and love another human being, and not for any other extraneous purpose. For example, if you think having a child will save your marriage or help you to fulfil dreams you missed out on when you were younger, then you should probably reconsider. It’s a hard truth, but many couples do fall into the trap of conceiving for not entirely selfless reasons.

You and your partner will want to be on the same page. If only one of you wants a child and the other doesn’t, forcing the issue will only make the other person uncomfortable. This can cause a lot of strain on even the healthiest of relationships. Both of you signing off on the idea becomes doubly important if you already have children.

Make no mistake – your life will irretrievably change when your bundle of joy is born. A new addition to your happy home life can disrupt that balance. This often has more of an impact on couples who are childless, as they have to restructure their entire life around the new addition, but it can also cause extra stress on a family that already has kids.


Financial Responsibility

It seems obvious, but it is an important issue – raising a child is not an inexpensive thing to do. It is estimated that you will spend approximately $250,000 on average raising a child from birth to the age of eighteen. Are you prepared and financially able to take on this responsibility? This may mean significant monetary sacrifices, and you will want to make sure those are sacrifices you can live with.

Taking care of your child doesn’t end when you do, either. It is important that you take into account a life insurance policy to protect your family after you are gone. For this reason it’s strongly suggested that you compare life insurance quotes online to get the best rate.


Puppies Grow Up

There’s no mistake that babies are cute, and your baby will of course be the cutest baby of them all. However, remember that babies don’t remain young and adorable forever; faster than you might realize, they grow up. They become toddlers, children, and eventually, teenagers. Each of those life stages comes with its own difficulties and challenges for parents, and you will want to make sure you’re ready to handle all of the slings and arrows life is going to throw at you as a result.


It’s a Beautiful Thing

While having kids is a big commitment, and one that you need to make sure you’re ready for, it can be an excellent and rewarding choice. As long as you are physically, emotionally and financially prepared, and everyone is on board with the new addition to your family, you’ll find the process of expanding your clan to be much smoother.




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