8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Cornwall

Have you ever been to Cornwall? If not then I cannot stress enough just how much I would recommend that you change those facts, and get down there for a week or a weekend break. I take my family down south each year for a domestic holiday and the campsites in Cornwall are always where we have the most fun. For me this is the best county in the UK and here are just 10 reasons why I think that you will love it there.


The Beaches

They say that Britain isn’t known for its beautiful beaches but those who say that surely haven’t been to Cornwall. All along the coast of this wonderful county you’ll find virgin beaches and soft sandy coves which appear completely untouched. We may not get the weather as much as we like but when the sun shines there’s no better place to enjoy it.

Coastal Walks

The coast of Cornwall can also be enjoyed by walking across the lengthy coastal trails which you will find. These walks not only take in the very best sights across the Channel, but you can also get up close and personal with the rugged cliffs and the huge sand dunes which you’ll find as you ramble.


Most of the seafood which London’s top restaurants sell come directly from the Cornish shores as the trawlers land each morning. You can enjoy this seafood at its absolute freshest in any number of the restaurants which sit at the water’s edge in Cornwall, cheaper, fresher and tastier.


There are many pretenders to the throne but there really only is one original Cornish pasty and you can find it in the many local bakeries in Cornwall’s towns and villages. You haven’t truly sampled a Cornish pasty until you have enjoyed one in its heartland.


Cornwall is pretty well known for its huge range of water sports including offering some of the best surf spots in the country, but there is more to the county than just the adventures on water. Further inland you will find huge forest areas where you can enjoy rock climbing, zip lining, bike rides and hiking tours.


Cornwall’s history is full of shipwrecks, smugglers routes and even neolithic ruins and if you are a history buff there is plenty for you to explore throughout the county.


You may have already heard about the Eden Project with its huge biospheres and the largest greenhouses on Earth where they have recreated the world’s climates, but there is more to explore here than just that. Nature lovers can also visit the Lost Gardens of Heligan, as well as places such as Trebah and Glendurgan which have vegetation that you would expect to see in the Mediterranean.


Yet another reason to visit Cornwall is to explore its medieval castles which have all been well preserved. In many of the castles you can take a tour to find out their origin, and in some of the smaller castles you can simply walk in and take a glimpse into Cornwall’ past.

Here is where we like to stay in Cornwall, perhaps you could check it out.

Perran Springs Holiday Park








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