5 tips on how to take a good photo

Taking great photos sometimes are done candidly but there are some people who just want to get it right. Maybe they have been taking photos for quite a while and still don’t get better shots. Fear no more, just a little bit of confidence and perseverance will get you there. Read through as I have listed 5 tips from a Manchester wedding photographer on how to solve your snapshot problems.

how to take a good photo

Know your Camera

First things first, you should know what kind of camera you are dealing with. So hitting the net for reviews or reading through the camera manual can be a great help. If you are planning to take good photos with it, remember to play with it first to get acquainted and familiar with the settings and camera modes. Don’t be scared to go through certain modes as this can help you enhance your personal techniques on how you want your photo to be.


Learn to control the Flash

Controlling the flash is one of the important things you have to learn when dealing with digital photography. Turning it on and off is the key point of making the photo look better. Sometimes if a person is on the shade, you have to turn on the flash to illuminate the person. If you are taking photos indoor, you can turn off the flash because this causes peculiar skin colour and backgrounds.


Have fun with the ISO setting

The ISO setting is the one who is controlling the cameras sensitivity to light. So if you are planning to take a photo with a motionless object, you should set the ISO lower. Taking photos with moving objects, you can try and set the ISO higher. The higher the ISO is, the faster the shutters speed is and sometimes it requires less lighting. By doing this, you can achieve better and great photos. Practice makes perfect so, play with it and don’t forget to have fun.


Hold the camera level

Holding the camera level is an essential rule of photography.  Majority of digital cameras come with LCD lenses. In this way, you can use the lenses to correctly frame your shots. Taking photos require technique. One way is to find a horizontal line and make use of them as guide line for a perfect shot. If you want to take a great photo of the sunset, try to make use of the horizon as this can make you have a perfect angle of the scenery.


Using a tripod

If you are traveling, bringing a tripod can be hard but now a day, photography enthusiasts has innovated the use of tripod even when traveling. You can purchase easy to pack tripods and still get to travel with it all over the world for personal use. Tripods are vital for photographers who are taking photos with fast moving objects like on the streets or taking sequences under low-light settings. Having a tripod can be a great help but remember to purchase one that can last for a long time. Without the tripod, your pics will be blurry, and we all know that if the pic is even slightly blurry when you print it out or blow it up, you’ll see just how amateur it can look. However, with a tripod, you can get it so sharp you could cut your finger on it – when you hit that magic shot, you’re gonna want to print it out and remember it.

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