5 Reasons to Retire in Panama

Under the right conditions, retiring in a foreign country can be an amazing life decision. There are endless reasons to consider settling down someplace new and exciting. One of the most popular destinations these days has become Panama. Here are five of the best things about retiring in this beautiful Central American country:

5 Reasons to Retire in Panama 31. The people and culture
Panama straddles a sometimes fine line between different and exciting, and familiar and comforting. Those that choose to retire there can enjoy diverse cultural experiences, friendly people, and the laidback lifestyle that the locals adhere to. It is equally easy to make friends among the local and expat communities.

2. Cost of living
It’s easy to get by very easily on under $2500 a month in Panama. This kind of a budget will cover comfortable housing, eating out a maid, and regular nights out. If you plan well enough and create a retirement plan from a reputable and effective company like standardlife.ca, your savings and investments can make this dream a reality. Why pay so much more to live in a place that lacks the beauty, culture, and excitement of Latin America?

Caribbean Beach Panama3. Nature
With endless coastline on both the Pacific and Caribbean sides of the country, the beach is an obvious draw. The weather is warm year-round, and storms are infrequent. In addition, there are rain forests, cloud forests, and excellent mountains for hiking. The government has taken an active approach towards preserving natural spaces and the country’s impressive biodiversity, and foreign retirees there are able to enjoy a lot of pristine vistas.

4. Pensioner’s Visa
Panama is doing everything it can to attract retirees, including instituting a popular visa program specifically on their behalf. With an inexpensive Pensionado visa, attaining residency is a fast and easy process, and discounts are offered all over the country for everything from health care to restaurants to movie tickets. Purchasing property is also streamlined for holders of this visa.

5 Reasons to Retire in Panama 2

5. Ease of Life
While Spanish is the national language, English is widely-spoken. Panamanians use US dollars as their currency, and Panama City and other major centers are modern and comfortable. The health care system is excellent and inexpensive, and scores higher than the American one in many regards. Public transportation, access to airports and cruises, and everything else that you might need are all within easy reach.

It’s hard to do much better than Panama when it comes to making a choice to retire abroad. From the friendly people to the beautiful landscapes to the easygoing lifestyle, you’ll likely find yourself wishing that you had made the decision sooner.






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