5 Best Beaches in Costa Rica

When you think of Costa Rica images of cloud forests and exotic wildlife are normally the first things that come to mind. However many are unaware of the beautiful beaches located all over the country, so ditch the cloud forests for a couple of days and dip your toes into the heavenly beaches of Costa Rica.


Here are the 5 best beaches in Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio


Imagine an idyllic beach (or four) surrounded by rain forest ‘hidden’ within a national park. While this beach may not actually be as hidden as it appears it is indeed one of the best beaches in Costa Rica, a true tropical beach experience.

Playa Avellanas


The beautiful Playa Avellanas is one of the best surfing beaches on Costa Rica’s pacific coast and draws in beach lovers through its waves and laid back attitude. This beach (and indeed the area) has yet to be inundated by mass tourism so get here sooner rather than later.

Playa Guiones (Nicoya Peninsula)


Like Playa Avellanas, Playa Guiones attracts surfers from all across the country. There are plenty of surf schools here for beginners and the beach gives of a rugged feel. But it’s not all about surfing here, further up the beach there are tide pools that provide golden snorkeling opportunities for all ages. Not into surfing or snorkeling? No problem, instead find a spot on the shoreline and work on your tan.

Montezuma Beach


Montezuma is a haven for all types of people especially those interested in the bohemian lifestyle, head straight to Playa Cocolito if your looking for something a little different. Take a dip in the ocean, snorkel in the tide pools, visit the nearby waterfalls or just sit back on one of the beaches with a book in your hand and relax.


Playa Herradura Beaches


For the perfect beach to escape for a romantic getaway, try Playas Herradura. An ideal place for a Honeymoon Vacation Costa Rica. The clear waters look oh so inviting and the surrounding greenery gives the beach a peaceful, secluded and authentic Costa Rican vibe.




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