4 Investment Hot Spots For 2014

2014 is going to be upon us in a few weeks’ time and this means more exciting economic opportunities. The world economy is becoming more and more global each year and it coincides with the continuous development of underdeveloped countries. This has meant hungry investors and businessmen capitalising on opportunities in other markets.

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However, we cannot deny the fact that some of these nations or countries still have economic and civil problems that are still ongoing, making it hazardous for everyone to invest. Below are 4 countries worth keeping on your investment radar in 2014.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is on the rise economically. The current government has forecasted that by 2017 the British economy will return to surplus. Unlike their European neighbours, investors have been taking advantage of the British attitudes towards European Union red tape. The UK is gradually recuperating from the recession better than their European neighbours and as of the moment, more and more investors are hitting shops and companies which is improving confidence in the market. Additionally, house prices are improving with government schemes. With all these indications it seems the UK could prove to be one of the best host spots to invest for the upcoming year.


Myanmar has an alluring market which has been liberalized only recently and is seeing a wave of would be investors flocking to the country as one of the very last virgin markets. Politically this South-East Asian nation has only recently come out of decades of Military Junta which has put off investors significantly. Things are changing rapidly! This is just a big indication that business deals in the country are turning out to be much better and better each year.


The Australian economy has enjoyed prosperity over the past 25 years. Despite recent economic challenges other countries have endured Australia has remained fairly stable mainly due to growing demand for minerals from Asia. Forecasters have predicted this to strengthen in 2014.

Currently, the Australian Stock Market has been strong over the past couple of years while the rest of the world has been in trouble and there is no indication that this will not continue.

United Arab Emirates

With the world’s fastest growing airport in Dubai, the worlds largest man made port in Jabel Ali the UAE has been going from strength to strength. Although oil is king in that part of the world, there is a significantly large construction boom happening to encourage more and more tourists to the country and greater foreign investment which is all aimed at diversifying the economy once the oil has finally run out.  Dubai in particular is of greater interest to property developers as it’s the only place within the Middle East which allows foreign ownership of property to date.





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