3 Useful tips about how to choose the right orthodontist

3 Useful tips about how to choose the right orthodontist


Orthodontists are dentist that have specialised specifically in orthodontic treatment. The main focus for orthodontics is the the alignment and position of the teeth and jaw bones. The most common orthodontic issues are;


Gaps between teeth

Overcrowding of teeth

Crooked teeth

Problems with a person bite – the bite is how the upper and lower teeth meet.


In nearly all cases of orthodontic treatment the time frame is a t least 12 months, from beginning to end patients will see their dentist regularly, therefore it is very important to choose the right orthodontist. You must also remember to look for the right person! For example if you are based in Cardiff and you look for a dentist in Cardiff you are on the wrong track, instead you need to look for orthodontist Cardiff – it is the specialist you are looking for.




3 tips to follow to find the right orthodontist:


1) Do research


The easiest thing to do is to choose the first orthodontist you find, this is the most tempting thing to do because it is convenient and our busy schedules don’t free up a lot of time. It pays to do some research, look for available services in your town or city. If you are looking for a specific type of treatment then look for an orthodontist that has expertise in that area.


2) Ask people


It is always worth asking family, friends or work colleagues about their experiences of orthodontists. We trust the opinions of these people because they will tell us honestly about their first hand experience. Seeking the advice of these people will make you feel at ease about choosing an orthodontist. It will also give you an insight in to the orthodontist as a person, it is much better than reading a CV.


3) Use free consultations


There are a lot of dental clinics that will offer a free consolation for orthodontic treatment, it is well worth your time going to some of these clinics, it will allow you to see how the orthodontist works and also gives you the opportunity to talk over the many different options. Your dentist will be able to advise you about which orthodontists to see and will also be able to tell you if they usually provide a free consummation before any treatment is chosen


The free consolation will give you a perfect chance to meet your orthodontist, ask all the questions you have and also raise any concerns.


You should never feel obliged to go with the fist orthodontist you see, this is certainly the case if you don’t feel comfortable or relaxed about the treatment or the orthodontist.  As mentioned above,  treatment with an orthodontist is a long process so you must feel completely comfortable with your choice because you will spending a lot of time on numerous visits in the surgery and with the specialist.




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