10 Ways To Look After Your Teeth

We have all been taught since we were young that good oral health and regular appointments to see the dentist will help us to achieve healthy gums and teeth.

Here are 10 tips everyone should follow to make sure they look after their teeth properly.

Twice A Day
Brushing at least twice a day is essential, dentists say that the best time to brush is after you have eaten. I find that a toothbrush with a small head gives me more access to the back teeth. Soft bristles are also gentler on the gums.

Fluoridated Toothpaste
Fluoride has been proven to harden the enamel on the teeth and at the sometime lowers the risk of decay.

Brush Thoroughly
When you brush you must make sure that you’re doing it properly. The experts say that it should take at least 2 minutes to brush your teeth thoroughly.

This should always be done, it’s such an easy activity and you can do it watching tv! Don’t use too much pressure, a slow gentle motion is best.

Avoid Soft Drinks and Juices
They taste great, I know that, but acidic drinks can damage your teeth. They will soften teeth, dissolve the enamel, which will result in holes. In the most severe instances teeth can dissolve down to the gum line.

Avoid Sugary Foods
Bacteria that is found in plaque will turn sugar in to acids – see above for the effects of acid.

Protect Your Teeth
You need to make sure your teeth don’t get injured, so if you’re paying any kind of sports you should have a full-head helmet on and also a gum shield.

Save Your Teeth
If you have a tooth that has been nearly knocked out, the best advice is hold it back in place while you seek out immediate advice. If that’s just not possible then wrap the tooth in plastic or drop it in some milk before finding a dentist.

Teeth Are You For Chewing
If you use your teeth for anything apart from chewing then you’re risking chipping or breaking your teeth. So you should never crack nuts, open bottles of rip open packets.

Regular Check-Ups
You should see your dentist at least once every six months for a check up. If you have any problems such as toothache or pain then make an appointment right away.

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